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Quality standards

Прокат Audi Q7

It is rather hard to comply with the international standards of quality in modern competitive world. However, the company RENT CAR copes with the task easily.

We have been successfully working for many years and have proved our brand as a reliable and trustworthy company of car rental services in Kiev.

In order to communicate with managers of our company, you should dial the number of our hotline. Then the specialists of our company will offer you a wide range of vehicles – all in good technical condition.

The advantages of car rental services from the company RENT CAR

Every client who contacts the company receives a wide range of car rental services:

• rental of the selected category of the car;

• chauffeur-free car rental;

• car rental with the right of further buyout;

• rental of minibus with or without a driver;

• rental of trucks and other.

The main parameters of car choosing are individual for every client:

• wide range of modern models of vehicles;

• a variety of different options: from a budget car to a VIP class vehicle;

• regularity of renewal of the motor fleet;

• 24/7 provision of services: car breakdown, fitting additional equipment on the vehicle, etc.

Technical conditions of the motor fleet

Every car, which can be rented, has completely good technical conditions. Company’s managers regularly diagnose the motor fleet and take every little problem under control by sending car to a repair station.

The client receives a car in good working conditions. Moreover, you may be sure that the vehicle had a full dry cleaning of the interior and washing before it was delivered to you.

The car is provided with a guarantee of full compliance with its class. If unforeseen breakdown happens, the technical assistance car will leave the parking lot for the rented car and repair it.

If the breakdown is rather serious and cannot be fixed right on time, the company will provide the client with another car of the similar class and technical characteristics. Our managers are ready to assist clients 24 hours a day and inform them about every little question which may arise.

The ethics of communication between managers and customers

The communication culture is an important part of any contacts, especially in business one. It shows the professionalism of staff and guarantees good attitude to the brand.

Every employee of our company follows the etiquette rules:

• provides a car for the rent as soon as possible;

• draws up a car rental contract no more than in 15 minutes;

• finds individual approach for every client;

• every member of our staff constantly improves the qualification level of knowledge;

• respect for the ethics of communication between employees of the company and with customers is a vital part of our corporate culture;

• availability of the information.

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