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Early booking of cars

In order to do so, you need to fill in the application form or call the hotline to get consultation. In this case the client has to pay the full cost of the rented car but benefits and advantage are so obvious that they justify the cost of rental.

The journey is one of the most desirable aims of lots of people as it helps to get away from everyday problems. Moreover, changing surroundings makes it easier to relax.

Isn’t watching the sea view or white peaks of mountains while drinking wine sitting in the comfortable chair worth it?

Booking a car in Kiev with the help of our specialists from the company RENT CAR

Nevertheless, the first step before the rest is planning and thinking over every nuance. It is necessary not only to book a hotel, tickets on the train or plane, trip over the city, etc.

You also should take into account that business trip or journey for yourself is almost unbelievable without a car, so it is important to pre-book a vehicle as it helps to view the city sights and be mobile.

Moreover, it makes the trip much easier and comfortable.

Now let’s watch at benefits of pre-booking of the desirable vehicle:

1. There is a discount from 5 to 20 % of the whole value of car rental:

-The client gets 10% discount in the case of 14-days rental;
-The client gets 15% discount in the case of a month rental;
-The client gets 20% discount in the case of 40-days rental.

2. We guarantee that the selected car will be delivered in the specified time and place as it was prescribed in the agreement.

3. There is a large range of vehicle models so every client may choose a car for a specific aims.

4. We offer a fixed fee for car usage.

5. You can get a booked car as soon as possible.

In order to book a car for a rent, you need to visit our official website of the company RENT CAR, look through the list of vehicles and make a choice. After that you have to make a reservation, but remember that it is important to book a car at least two weeks before the date you actually need it.

If unforeseen circumstances arise before your journey, you should inform the company one day before the planned date of receiving the car.

At the same time, managers of our company will understand the situation and return the money which the client has already paid for the booked car. Moreover, no addition fee will be taken.

The cost of the rent is returned within two weeks from the moment of filling and signing in the application by the client.

Car rental: 6 steps

There are some rules which every client should remember:

• It is important to wait for the confirmation of the reservation of the chosen car by the managers;

• Always check all characteristics and parameters of the booked vehicle before signing the agreement;

• Then you should make full payment for the reserved car;

• After that wait for the official note that confirms the reservation of the car;

• You will have sign the rental agreement and an act of acceptance/delivery of the specified vehicle;

• Then you get your rented car in a specified place at the specified time.

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