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Rent a lorry

Probably, every city resident is familiar with difficulties with transporting of big loads. Definitely, it is always problematic to transport furniture, construction materials or other large-sized items.

Lots of people are used to ordering a taxi truck as a suitable measure.

Nevertheless, it is not beneficial for a resident as there are two significant disadvantages. Firstly, a payment for taxi services is calculated per kilometer. Secondly, the client has to pay even for the time when the truck stops in order to load/unload the goods.

The company RENT CAR offers loyal and beneficial terms for the clients by booking a rental truck for transporting.

Advantages of truck rental

Every car in the motor fleet is insured and equipped with necessary devices. Moreover, vehicles are regularly checked in the car service, so they comply with the parameters.

It is easy to choose the car even though there is a wide range of different models: you need to visit the official website of the company, then open a catalog of available cars and leave a request for a rental reservation.

The staff contacts the client as soon as possible and explains all details about the process of car reservation and further steps.

There are advantages of the truck renting that should be underlined:

1. Our company provides car rental with or without a driver.

2. You save your money as the tariff plan is loyal.

3. You save the money on maintenance of your own truck.

4. Your personal car won’t be damaged and deprecated while the rented car will work for your needs.

5. Costs of cargo trucking are suitable for client.

6. Deadlines of delivering of the truck in the specified destination.

7. Wide range of truck models.

8. We provide loaders to ease the task.

Benefits of truck renting also lie in the reliability and maximum security of the cargo. For example, if some company needs to use our service for one time to transport a large-scale cargo, the car rental is the most optimal option which doesn’t require huge waste of money.

Parameters and additional service

Our company’s specialists are ready to provide an individual service for each client, fulfill all the requirements as quickly as possible and select the most profitable rental option.

RENT CAR provides services 24 hours a day and 7 days a week which means that you may book a car even during holidays and weekends. Managers use special algorithm, in order to choose the most suitable car, based on certain parameters:

• height of sides;

• load capacity;

• a need in tent;

• the size of the bodywork.

Obviously, every client already has an idea and vision of the cargo which has to be transported. After the managers gets information about the item, it is not a problem to choose a suitable class of the car: vehicles with high -sides and an opened top, middle-sized sides and tent or others.

If there is assistance needed while transporting and loading/unloading the cargo, the company will offer a team of specially trained loaders and loading machines which will do the work in short time.

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