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Car rental features

Popular questions from our clients

Car rental gets more and more popular among citizens of the capital of Ukraine day by day. That is why a lot of questions and nuances appear, and answers for them can be found on the official site of the company RENT CAR.

Let’s come across the most common questions in detail:

1. Crossing the customs border on the rented car. The official agreement between the company and the client prohibits crossing the customs border of Ukraine.

However, there are some exceptions for our regular customers. Having a preliminary agreement with the company signed, the driver gets a right to travel outside the country to Europe and CIS countries.

2. The opportunity to rent a car in order to get to the desired destination. This service is suitable for people who travel to business meetings. For example, car rent makes it easy to drive to another Ukrainian city.

To use this option you may visit our website or call the hotline and rent a car. You should mention that you plan to leave it at the destination point. What does it mean?

You rent a car in one of the offices of the company and return at another city, located on the territory of the Ukraine. This service takes an additional fee which depends on the class of the vehicle and varies from $200 to $300.

3. What is the company’s work schedule on holidays and weekends? We provide services to our customers 24/7 including official holidays and weekends.

4. Is it possible to pre-book a vehicle?

This service is available for every client. Using this option, you receive a discount on the car rental:

• 10% – for 14-days rent;

• 15% – for month rent;

• 20% – for 40-days rent and more.

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