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Minibuses without a driver

A minibus rental

In the daily city vanity one may notice citizens or guest of Ukraine in a hurry: to an important meeting, on the way to school or work or to a romantic evening.

It is quite difficult to have an opportunity to keep up with daily responsibilities, so a lot of people dream about a personal car in order to save time with comfort.

However, not everyone can afford a car as it is a kind of luxury for many citizens.

You may be sure that the problem can be solved. All you need is to contact the company RENT CAR which will help you to select and rent a desired car, including rental of trucks and minibuses.

At the same time the client will sit behind the wheel by him/herself and manage to build the route.

A minibus rental is advantageous and convenient for a celebration: a wedding, an anniversary and for pleasant get-together with friends at the bonfire or pond.

We should mention that the chauffeur-free service of minibus rental is popular as clients do not want to burden anyone. It is easier for this kind of rest.

Terms and conditions for a chauffeur-free minibus rental

Our company offers loyal and acceptable terms for every client. Our motor fleet consists of modern cars in good technical conditions at affordable price.

The client independently chooses a vehicle for him/her personal purposes. Like any other rental service, the minibus rental is limited by some conditions:

• the age of the potential client must be over 21 years;

• the driving experience – no less than 1 year.

There is a list of required documents for car rental:

• identity document;

• driver’s license;

• identification code;

• international passport (for non-residents);

• bank and credit card.

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