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Rental car with the right of buyout

In the modern world of progressive technologies the service of chauffeur-free car rental with the right of further purchase gets more and more popular every day.

One should agree that it is more convenient to rent a car and make a route independently than calling the taxi. These privileges are offered to residents of Kiev and city guests by our company RENT CAR.

Company’s staff consists of professionals, which can explain the pros and cons of this kind of service. They are always ready to offer the car that will suit you for the trip you have planned or for the official meeting with special guests.

Speaking about the car rental with the right of further purchase, the company provides the standard procedure of long-time vehicle renting.

The advantages of chauffeur-free car rental

There are not so many people, who can afford to buy a car. Of course, there are lots of commercial banks which offer leasing or lending.

However, banks are primarily concerned about the money which they get from interest on the loan. Moreover, the period of payments is rather long and usually takes several years.

The company offers more loyal terms of car purchase by renting a vehicle with the right of further buyout.

What are the advantages of this service?

1. Renting a specific car, the client receives the primary right to obtain the ownership for this car.

2. Payment for the car rental is significantly cheaper.

3. Before actual purchasing of the potential car, the client learns all its parameters and characteristics, diagnoses its ability to work during the rented period.

4. Advantage is that the client has already tested the car and knows all the nuances of the vehicle.

5. The car rental helps you to save your time in searching for specific model of desired car.

Why is it reliable and profitable to use services of the company?

Car rental with the right of purchasing the vehicle becomes increasingly popular.

Our professionals are ready to explain in simple words all information about the service and its pros and cons. Firstly, getting a rented car with the right to buy it in a period, the client receives a desired car for an acceptable price in good working conditions.

Every technical parameter is noted in the relevant document.

This feature gives the client a guarantee of reliability of the car: the client won’t unexpectedly get into trouble because of the vehicle breakdown.

It is quite simple to rent a car with the right of its further purchasing: you need to call our hotline or fill in the special application on the official website.

Initially, the rental price includes:

• full fuel tank;

• OSAGO insurance;

• Full technical inspection of the selected car.

Terms of the car rental with the right of further buyout are available for every client of our company. You should perform simple steps and provide a minimum package of documents in order to register a car.

Moreover, the company is able to provide the selected car instantly and draw up a schedule of payments for the vehicle.

Car rental at the company RENT CAR is an affordable and profitable service for every client. A cherished dream and fantasies may come true in the shortest time.

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