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Client’s responsibility

After renting a car without a driver, full responsibility for safety and integrity of anyone else’s property falls on the client. One would agree that the cost of risk is quite high.

The thing is that the employees of the company RENT CAR are not able to take under control every client’s movement and cannot make them obligatory follow all the traffic rules.

Thus, the company RENT CAR takes care of the property’s safety and protection of its own material and capital investments with the help of car rental services.

It is not hard to imagine the difficulties which lessor has to face, when a traffic accident suddenly happens.

That is why every client provides the company with a bank/credit card in order to make sure that there is enough amount of cash before using the service.

It is important to note, that this money is not withdrawn and transferred to the company’s account. It is a kind of insurance which company uses as a guarantee that the vehicle will be returned.

The agreed amount of money is frozen for the certain period. As soon as the client returns the car to the company, money on the card becomes available.

Furthermore, one of the main points, specified in the contract of the car rental, is devoted to the obligatory personal liability insurance on the event of car damage.

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