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Technical assistance

Technical service for car rental


RENT CAR company takes care of all its clients. That is why no matter where they are – in any part of the Ukraine – our special technical service will be at your disposal to solve the emerged problems: car damage, breakdown or an accident.

Just remember that car rental will always try to help you! Simply make a call and technical support service will arrived as soon as possible.

Technical service   is available 24 hour a day. Phone number of technical support +38 (063) 148-56-78. You may also send e-mail to rentalcars@yahoo.com .

All the cars in our car fleet are in perfect conditions. Each car is serviced on time. Our specialists take care of all the vehicles and your spare time.

For your comfort we deliver you a car with full fuel tank. External and technical characteristics are unimpeachable. There will be no car breakdowns during car rental period as all the vehicles are constantly served by the specialists: they regularly fix them and inspect.

In case anything happens with the car during the rental period our manager will immediately offer you alternative car or fix all troubles of the using vehicle.

We doall possible you fill comfortable and safe!

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