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Car rental

Why is the service popular?

The demand on the market of cars is rather high in our country that is why the number of car enthusiasts grows in Ukraine. Nevertheless, there is a need in car rental service, because a private auto can break down or be left in the repair center.

Our company can help in such cases – you may rent a chauffeur-free car for any period.

Moreover, if a person gets used to a personal car, it is difficult to keep being active on business and personal matter without a vehicle, because mobility and independence disappear.

Our service RENT CAR in the heart of Kiev is created for such purposes.

The best option in this situation is to rent a car without a driver for any period you choose.

Do not worry if you got into traffic accident while driving a rented car. Almost every kind of damage is fully covered by CASCO insurance.

Returning the rented vehicle, always remember to require all the documents which prove that the car is returned without any complaints referred to its conditions.

These documents should be kept for about 6 months in order to avoid potential problems and complaints in the future.

A great option in the case of a broken auto – rental car helps to solve the problem

If a personal car is at vehicle servicing point, there are a lot of solutions in case of a need:

1. As a rule, vehicle servicing points provide their clients with a temporary car instead of the one on the service. But there are may be not enough cars for all stations.

2. You may ask your friends to lend a car for some time.

3. Taxi service may be a good practice, too.

4. Finally, you may rent a car.

Nevertheless, you may face some problems. Firstly, only official and large vehicle service stations may provide you with a car. Secondly, not all friends may have a free car and have opportunity to give it to you for some time. Thirdly, taxi is not suitable in some cases.

Using our service www.rent-car.kiev.ua it will take minimum time: paperwork and car delivery in 7 minutes are guaranteed!

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