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Rent a car

Since people have begun to travel a lot, they have to leave cars at home. That’s why the sphere of car rental develops rapidly in our country.

If you need a car during your trip, just book a vehicle in advance on the website of our company RENT CAR.

As the demand on service with a driver is quite high among our citizens and guests of the capital, make sure that you book a car in advance, but not before you urgently need it.

Car rental and rules of selection

You will need to complete these steps to use the service:
• determine the vehicle you like;

• specify the features of payment;

• specify the exact time of car delivery;

• draw up a route plan;

• make a full payment or pay advance;

• draw up a car rental agreement.

Advantages of our company service

If you contact our company RENT CAR and fill in the application, you will get a reliable and comfortable car right to your doorstep in half an hour.

Most companies provide an opportunity to book a car with a driver for 3 hours. We have already developed special programs which let you pay less for every subsequent hour of rent.

Besides that, it is significant to learn prices for a transfer to the airport or driving out of the city on the rented vehicle.

Our managers are ready to answer all your questions about car rental or you may learn terms and conditions on our website www.rent-car.kiev.ua.

Renting a car with a driver is a good option if you need to travel between cities, meet friends in the airport, organize business trips or leave the car in the service point. Moreover, you won’t waste precious time and lose working rhythm.

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