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Our advantages

Преимущества проката автомобилей в Киеве от RENT CAR – преимущества и недостатки

Nowadays it is becoming more and more difficult to rent a car in big cities. And all people try to find the rental service company that will provide him good service, low prices and comfort. In order to provide all this, rental companies should provide their clients cars of different prices: economic, medium class and VIP-class.

Our company may guarantee you high-class comfort. If you rent a car in our company, you may be sure that the car is able to work, the prices are not high and the comfort will be provided. We also provide baby seats, bike carriers etc.

Our cars are suitable for solving different problems, realizing various tasks, for travelling around Kiev and the Ukraine. It is a good possibility for tourists and other visitors – they may in short time and with comfort see main sighs of Kiev or go to a business meeting. All this can be provided by our car rental service.

RENT CAR offers lots of discounts and all prices do not include any hidden commissions, extra payments or ungrounded fees. The car be received in any location in Kiev. We offer you optimal price for good quality services.

We have special offers for corporative clients and entities. For the period of our work we received big experience. A great number of clients used out car rental service and were satisfied. CAR RENTAL specialists will always help in difficult situations and will try to solve all possible questions in short period of time. For immediate solution of all problems we have 24-hour service and technical support for all our clients.  

To all our constant clients we offer car rental service without discount. It is very suitable, when you need a car immediately but have no money at all or not enough for the prepayment. In this way we try to take care of our clients, providing car rental service in Kiev and all over the Ukraine without a deposit.


Why should you use car rental services?

1) RENT CAR offers vehicles in ideal technical condition. All our cars are reliable in driving and quite presentable.

2) We offer cars of all classes ant categories. Every client may choose the one that suits him most of all in reaching any particular business tasks. We offer vehicles from econom to VIP class of different brands.

3) The prices we offer are most expedient around Kiev – they do not include any commissions or extra payments.

4) All the prices are without any pledges – no extra commissions!

5) If you choose a car rental service without a driver you may be sure that the service will be of high class. All our  managers and operators are specially tutored that is why they will surely give you a qualified answer to any question you may have. All cars are inspected by our mechanics before they are delivered to the client.

6) The fact that we are ready to rent you a car without a discount proves that we trust you. The agreement is signed in the company’s office. In order to sign the agreement you should show the manager your driving license and passport. The payment is possible by cash or cashless. After this the manager will give you keys.

RENT CAR provides only best service!

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