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Часто задаваемые вопросы по аренде авто в компании

Our services

What does rental service include?

The cost may vary depending on chosen company. In any particular case extra services may be various and the total cost includes them all. But as a rule it is simply rent of a vehicle with allowed mileage per hours.

Are there any requirements to the driver’s license?

The driver can not be younger than 21 yers, for some car categories – no younger than 23 years

The driver can not be older that 75 years.

Driving experience can not be less that 1 years.

Shall I inform about the flight number in case I want the car to be delivered to the airport?

Our managers do ask you to inform about the flight number in case you want a car to be delivered to the airport.

When shall I book and pay extra services?

You should ask for extra services together with the vehicle reservation. Payment for extra services should be made at the time you receive the vehicle from the managers.

What should I know about fuel when I rent a vehicle in your company?

When the vehicle is returned to the company and there is less fuel in the tank that was when you received it, you should pay for the fuel according to the company’s rates.

May I use a bank card to pay for the service? Which cards can I use?

We receive all bank cards of any class and type. The services can be paid by VISA Classic / VISA Gold or MASTERCARD.

Can services by paid using the card of another cardholder?

No, the services can be paid by card only by the cardholder and the person who rents a vehicle.

What time is it possible to rent a car?

Our offices work 7 days a week 9.00 – 21.00. The vehicle can be delivered to you or returned to the company any time you like despite the working hours of the offices.

If I wanted a car to be delivered to the airport, but the flight was delayed, what should I do?

If you provided the managers with the flight number when you made a reservation, the car will be provided to you as soon as your plane arrive. Otherwise you will have to inform our managers about the changes.

If a road accident occurred, who will pay for car repair?

All rented vehicles provided by our company are insured (CTP and CASCO). In case of a road accident you should immediately call the police, fix the accident in protocols and inform our managers about it. If there was no your fault, you will not have to pay for the repair.

What are the requirements to the car when I return it to the company?

The car should be with the same quantity of fuel and clean. So, you should simply return the vehicle in the same conditions it was issued to you.

If I will not be able to return the car on time, what should I do?

You may return the car 60 minutes late than it was announced. Otherwise you will have to pay for extra 24 hours of car rental.

May I drive outwards Kiev region?

Yes, it is allowed to use the car all over the Ukraine. But you should inform the manager about it when you sign the agreement. You should also inform about the city you are going to visit. Mileage per day should not exceed 250 km (two hundred and fifty kilometers).

May I return the car to the company in any other region?

Yes, it is possible to return the car in another region. But you are to inform the manager about it when you sign the agreement. We may also provide a car in another region for extra charge if you book it beforehand.

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