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Chauffeur-free car rental

How to rent a car middle class without a pledge?

Как арендовать авто среднего класса без залога?

Our company rent car   appreciates every customer, continues to trust and support them after handling the rented car over. Our head office is located in Kiev – the heart of Ukraine, so our managers are capable to do their best and provide comfort for every customer.

Currently, one of the most cost-efficient and popular programs among the clients is a pledge-free car hire. According to it, every client can rent a motor vehicle paying just the price of the hire – and it sounds quite fair, isn’t it?As a result there is more money to spend on yourself and no doubts in the fairness of the company.

Advantages of the pledge-free car rental

The main advantages of car rental without a necessity in any pledge or deposit are:

  • possibility of significant money saving for clients who are in a hurry and need to rent a car for a business trip;
  • no risk of plastic card blocking.

Only the client who satisfy these criteria can avoid paying a deposit to rent a car:

  • age: no less than 21 years old;
  • driving experience: no less than 1 year;
  • lease period: no less than 24 hours.

There is no need in deposit. However, the client has to leave a small amount of money that complies with the model and the class of the car as it guarantees that the vehicle will be returned at certain time with a full fuel tank. Important to note: pledge-free rent is only available for economy and middle class cars – not for premium ones.

There is a wide range of services which our company RENT CAR provide to our customers after contacting us by tel. +38 (063) 148-56-78 and +38 (068) 459-93-06 or sending the request on the e-mail rentalcars@yahoo.com.

We thank our regular clients, who often take a car for a hire in Kiev, with a pleasant surprise in the form of discounts, bonuses or free devices to use during the traveling. Stay with us!

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