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Car rental without a driver

Chauffeur-free hire a car in our company RENT CAR


You would like to hire a car in Kiev or Kiev region and you don’t need a personal driver? You need a car for a wedding celebration or, maybe, you just don’t want to travel by foot? Or you want to renta car with a driver in order to get to the business meeting…

While you are in search for the best option, many opportunities open in front of you.

For example, advertising in the mass media or Internet about chauffeur-free car rental may catch your attention. At first glance, it is not challenging to rent a car as there is a great number of ads of different companies which provide car rental for wedding, traveling or business need with or without a driver and other additional options. In a word – any need of yours seems to be satisfied.

But it’s not so simple as it may seem!

Chauffeur-free car rental in Kiev has a number of specific features, pros and cons

Clients, who wish to hire a car in Kiev,can find a number of car rental companies which are ready to offer a lot of options related to the class of the motor vehicle, the type of occasion and other important features.

Before getting close to the suitable option, you will have to look through a number of sites in the Internet, a lot of magazines and newspapers in order to compare prices, special offers, conditions and terms for renting a car without a driver.

In our catalog you may find more than 400 companies which offer car rental service in Kiev and all over Ukraine.

We can help you find the best option regardless of the city where you would like to rent a vehicle. We will choose the appropriate parameters and analyze the market of car renting to decide whether the option is suitable for you or not.

Ask your friends and family if anyone has already used a service of car rental in Kiev and may to advice you something about it. This option has one important advantage – a person is aware about services and quality, which a company provides, that is why there are no hidden pitfalls. But remember – there are some drawbacks. For instance, your friend was just lucky and got a responsible manager and a good car in a period of large discounts – in this case, it is hard to predict if you come across the same conditions.

Contact RENT CAR and get the qualified and cost-efficient service.

With us, you may quickly hire a car and choose any additional options from our catalog. Furthermore, we are always ready to help every customer to find the best deal for any occasion.

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