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Some special promotions on car rental

Discounts on renting a car provided by the company RENT CAR

RENT CAR is a famous company which runs business on the car rental market. The head office is located in Kiev. Professional staff constantly works on providing special services for particular needs and introduce customers cost-efficient promotions and bonus programs. Car rental  service for traveling round the capital of Ukraine is extremely beneficial for client as satisfy his or her own needs.


A small discount is provided for those clients who plan to rent a car in Kiev on a weekday.We propose a really good offer for our clients under these conditions:

  • if Monday is the first day of rent;
  • if Thursday is the last day of rent;
  • if the period of car rent is more than 2 days;
  • if you have several discounts from our company then the largest one will be chosen;
  • if any additional services are not applied to this discount.

You can get more information about the terms of action from the managers by calling +38 (063) 148-56-78 and +38 (068) 459-93-06 or by e-mail: rentalcars@yahoo.com.


If the client is a legal person and different brands are chosen for rent, then the service may be long-term, not only short-term. It is cost-efficient as the 7% discount is provided from the initial date of rent. However, it can’t be applied to any additional services. In order to get the discount the client should satisfy a couple of terms:

  • enter a contract between a business entity (private limited company, joint-stock company or sole proprietorship) and a rental company;
  • as soon as the rental period begins, the client has to get the discount form the very first day.

The client has to understand that it is impossible to sum up all the discounts, that is why it is important to choose the most beneficial one.

If you would like to learn more about terms of action about getting the 7% discount, our managers are ready to help.


Our clients who participate in special weekend and workday action can get larger amount of discount – 10%. Still, it is granted only after a number of terms fulfilled:

  • obtain a car for hire on a Friday evening;
  • return it by the Sunday morning;
  • if the vehicle was rented on Monday, then it should be returned to the parking lot no later than Friday.

In the case of serious misunderstanding you may call managers for explanations by the phone or write an e-mail. It’s suitable for those who wish to solve all the problems quickly and find the most cost-efficient and suitable option in the market of car rental in Kiev during holidays, working days and weekends.


This is a special option as one should gain it first. Only those, who has been renting a car before for a number of times, can count for the15% discount.

According to the basic terms requirements for the client to receive the discount of 15% are the following:

  • firstly, it is necessary to be use services of the company RENT CAR no less than 3 months;
  • secondly, the client has to rent motor vehicles of different models no less than 4 times a year.

Important note: the client who participate in other events or use cars rented according to the “30+” program are not able to have the 15% discount.

If there is something needs to be clarified, please, phone managers +38 (063) 148-56-78 or + 38 (068) 459-93-06 or send your questions and suggestions on the e-mail rentalcars@yahoo.com.


This type of discount is the largest one. It can be received by the client on her or his birthday, but previously it is necessary to make a phone call to the company RENT CAR, tel.: +38 (063) 148-56-78 or +38 (069) 459-93-06. In order to get the 20% discount a potential client will have to:

  • identify him/herself and tell the actual birth date;
  • prepare a package of required documents and send it to our e-mail rentalcars@yahoo.com to make a request for a chauffeur-free rent of the motor vehicle for a long or short period.

Pay attention that you can participate in the promotion 3 days before or after your birthday.



Compulsory insurance

Every car that you can rent in our company is insured by OSAGO and CASCO. Passengers’ insurance can be issued additionally.


No more than 250 km per day

If the limit is exceeded, you will have to make an additional payment.



You can pay with a credit card or cash at the stage of signing the contract. As soon as the car is returned, money are given back to you.


No less than 21 years old

Moreover, there is a limit for a driving experience - no less than a year.

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